On the occasion of ´World Hepatitis Day´ in 28th July 2012´, Liver Foundation, West Bengal (LFWB) took an initiative of forming a "Self Help Group" with the Hepatitis patients. This group is named as ´Hepatitis Patients´ Forum´.

The members of ´Hepatitis Patients´ Forum´ meet weekly at the Liver Foundation, West Bengal´s Kolkata office, with the purpose of extending mutual emotional support as well as to take part in the art and craft classes.

In addition, the patients who are the members of the ´Hepatitis Patients´ Forum´ get Psychological Counseling by experts, if needed, for combating their emotional sufferings and dealing with the stress of the chronic illness as well as the long term treatment procedure.

The art works created by the members of Hepatitis Patients´ Forum are sold in different conference stalls, corporate sectors and other places by LFWB, with the purpose of fund collection. This fund is gathered to help the co-members of the Hepatitis Patients´ Forum who are stressed with the load of their treatment expanses and are in medical emergency.

Current Event :

  • July 2015 :To observe ´World Hepatitis Day´ on 28th July, 2015, LFWB launched a new program ´Unite in Diversity - Prevent Hepatitis´.

  • June 2015 :A Hepatitis Patients´ Summit & Workshop was organized on 2nd June, 2015 at Iran Society Hall, Kolkata.

  • May 2015 :A Patients´ Summit was organized on 16th May, 2015 at Iran Society Hall, Kolkata, at the presence of Mr. Stephan Bennet, Director, ´Place For People´, UK.

  • February 2015 :Hepatitis Patients´ Forum participated in an exhibition, with the handicraft products in the Annual Conference of ´Indian Society for Gastroenterology´ at Park Hotel on 20th & 21st February,2015.

  • January 2015 :A Hepatitis Patients´ Meeting was held on 23rd January, 2015 at Iran Society Hall in Kolkata, to discuss over the matter, that how the activities of Hepatitis Patients´ Forum can be spread to different districts as well as how to develop and enrich the activities of the Forum.

  • December 2014 :Hepatitis Patients´ Forum participated in an exhibition, with the handicraft products in 5th Kolkata Liver Meeting, at Swissotel from 12th – 14th December,2014.

  • December 2014 :Patient Solidarity Day was celebrated on 6th December, 2014 at Iran Society Hall, Kolkata.

  • July 2014 :To observe the World Hepatitis Day, a special type of day long awareness program, "Pledge to prevent Hepatitis" with newly introduced ´Digital Pledge Instrument´, was organized on 28th July, 2014, at the Esplanade Station of Kolkata Metro Railway.

  • May 2014 :A whole day workshop with the members of Hepatitis Patients´ Forum was organized at Iran Society Hall, Kolkata on 1st May, 2014 on the occasion of the visit of Ms Phangisile Mtshali Manciya, Director of BMSF.

  • March 2014 :A ´sit-n-draw´ competition was organized by Liver Foundation, West Bengal for the patients of Hepatitis Patients´ Forum on the eve of 175th Birth anniversary of Jamshedji Tata, a CSR initiative of CMC Ltd, Kolkata.

Previous Event :

  • A Patients´ Summit was organized On 22nd December, 2013 at Iran Society Hall in Kolkata. 30 members of the Hepatitis Patients´ Forum joined the summit followed by a workshop of handicrafts. They were taught silk screen printing and the techniques of making fancy items with raw jute. The Summit also served as a great platform for the patients to interact and share personal experiences regarding their disease. In addition, a concept of E-Diary and Digital Art Therapy for the patients was inaugurated through video conference with Pinar Sahin, a Healthcare Practice Leader of ´Place For People´ (Europe), who have associated with us as Technology partner of the initiative.

  • On 28th July, 2013 World Hepatitis Day was observed. An exhibition by Hepatitis Patients´ Forum was held at Iran society Hall, Kyd Street, Kolkata-16. Greetings cards, Flower vase, handkerchief & other different handicrafts made by the patients were displayed and offered for sale in the exhibition. This exhibition was inaugurated by Pandit Bickram Ghosh & eminent Film Director Mr. Goutam Halder. Dr. Ashokananda Konar (President of LFWB), Dr. Kalyan Bose (vice-President of LFWB) was also present in this occasion.

  • The 65th birth anniversary of WHO, World Health Day was celebrated by Liver Foundation, West Bengal on 7th April, 2013 in a slightly different approach. The Hepatitis Patients´ Forum, an initiative of Liver Foundation, West Bengal, formed "Self Help Group" of Hepatitis patients who succeeded to raise some funds by selling their artworks at different places. A portion of this fund was donated to two members of the group to offload their treatment expenses to some extent who are really in need at this moment. This occasion was celebrated in the presence of the Famous vocalist Smt. Lopamudra Mitra & eminent actor Sri Saheb Bhattacharya. Many well known print and electronic Medias were present there. The program was held at Iran Society auditorium, 12 Kyd Street, Kolkata-700016.