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Liver transplant support

Advanced technology - dense medical care is progressively going beyond the reach of the average Indian population. While every person in the society desires the best available medical care, the cost of medical support is becoming an important cause for impoverishment and debt trap in our society. Both the urban middle class as well as rural people are affected by this same problem. In the area of liver disease, liver transplantation has ushered in a new area the hope to live. Although the process is highly expensive but still Liver Foundation West Bengal has undertaken an initiative with the objective to raise funds from the society to help the people needing liver transplantation. The work was supported by Cricket Idol Mr. Saurav Ganguly, when he auctioned his bats for the purpose of fund raising for Raj Goswami, a young boy who needed transplantation. Liver Foundation West Bengal has facilitated liver transplantations to five people till date. Raj Goswami Payel Bhattacharya Subhojit Pal : The youngest child in India at that time, undergone liver transplantation. Roshan Ali : A seven month old child suffering from incurable liver disease named biliary atresia, received transplantation while his father was a donor. Liver foundation West Bengal bears the medicinal cost of Rs. 10,000 for Roshan Ali per month after transplantation and continuing to bear all his medical expenses till date. Jayanti Chatterjee : Received organ from Joydev Pal the first cadavaric donor in Kolkata. Asim Mukherjee Bimol Biswas Animesh Bagdi : A seven year old child who undergone transplantation while his mother was the donor. Liver Foundation, West Bengal is bearing all the post operative costs of this child till date. The whole process of liver transplantation is extremely expensive. However, in Kolkata, the doctors at SSKM Hospital have been successful in providing the same facility along with excellent infrastructure at a comparatively lower budget of around Rs. 10 lakhs. The liver transplantation of both Roshan Ali and Mrs. Jayanti Chatterjee had been conducted at SSKM Hospital. For detailed information on liver transplantation, please feel free to contact us. We the members of Liver Foundation West Bengal seek support from all generous people in the society to lend their helping hand to save the lives of more and more people in our society for better living.