• Mobile Gastroenterology unit of IILDS, an unit of Liver Foundation, West Bengal

    A Mobile Gastroenterology Unit is being operated, accompanied by renowned doctors, to serve the rural people in the villages of nearby districts of Kolkata.
  • LFWB-BMSF Molecular Virology Research Laboratory

    Cost-Reduction Laboratory
  • Free Clinic at Massenjore, Jharkhand

    LFWB runs a 4 day free clinic at the Massenjore, Dumka district of Jharkhand. This area is mainly inhabited by people who belong to the lowest rung of the socio - economic strata and the distance of a primary health centre from the area is 35 kms. As there is a high prevalence of diseases over there, the free clinic and OPD run by us is the only source of health care service. In addition to running a free clinic, medicines are also distributed on a complete "no cost" basis.
  • Free Ambulance Facility

    LFWB is providing ambulance facility in Massanjore, Dumka district of Jharkhand and in Purulia district of West Bengal. The ambulance is free for victims of road accidents, high risk pregnant women and also for high risk neonates.
  • OPD Service at Nagari, Birbhum

    LFWB provides free OPD service from Saradish Roy Smriti Swasthya Bitan, the peripheral center of Liver Foundation, West Bengal at the village Nagari near Suri, Birbhum. This service runs every Tuesday and Thursday as well as 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month. Free ambulance service is also provided from this center.
  • Clinic at Purulia and Sargachi,Berhampur, West Bengal

    Free monthly clinic service by expert General Physicians and Specialists in our two peripheral centers Purulia and Sargachi, Berhampur, have been started to help the poor rural people.
  • 'SRISTI' a creative forum of LFWB at Nagari,Birbhum, WB

    'Sristi', a creative forum for learning and re-learning with joy, delivers basic education (3 classes for each batch/week), extracurricular activities (vocational training, dance, folk, drawing & painting, sports), health education (on hygiene & sanitation by visual aid) and training in Dokra craft around underprivileged communities, particularly in tribal areas on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 4 pm to 6 pm for those who were not going to schools due to poverty and child labor related issues/has dropped from schools.