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Organ Donation Movement

Liver Transplantation is the greatest development in the field of medical science related to liver diseases. But it´s quite impossible to receive the organ and thus organ transplantation is quite rare in the history of medical science. The organization has started this revolution since few years but could not reach proper goal.

But the miracle happened on 5th February 2010. Organ donation is still a very rare concept in West Bengal as well as in India. Whatever transplantation has taken place either it´s related to the relatives of the receiver or among the close associates of the receiver. Psychologically it becomes quite impossible for the donor as well as their family members to provide the organ to someone who is not related to the person receiving the organ.

But it was a great initiation on the part of the organization to convince the relatives of the donor "Joydev Paul" who was admitted to SSKM on 4th February 2010 by the help of counselors and doctors. He was the first cadavaric donor in the history of medical science in West Bengal. However though the process of liver transplantation was completely successful, the receiver "Mrs. Jayanti Chatterjee" could not be saved. But this was the first initiation on the part of the organization to promote the concept of cadavaric donor to the society and thus initiate the concept of organ donation for better living in the society. We seek cooperation for more and more organ donation from the society for better living and development in medical science.

In 2012, we organized a seminar on “Organ Donation-Freedom after Death” on 15th of August at our central office. The seminar was attended by people from strata of the society. It was a token initiative on Liver Foundation’s part to make people aware about donating organs which can save many lives. We need to touch their imagination with unique concept as we found on this 66th Independence Day where we held this educational event “Freedom after Death”, where 35 people out of 50 (70%) pledged their organ after brain death by signing a petition.


We make a video song to increase the organ donation awareness. copy the url in your browser to see the video