Liver Foundation, West Bengal

aspire to take science to society


We are facing a global crisis. Actions taken by us to combat this critical situation :-

 1. Community kitchens to support starving and jobless families suffering due to the global pandemic

 4 community kitchens are being set up in different rural parts of four districts. Each kitchen is equipped to provide food to 500 to 600 persons every day.         Depending upon the need, the capacity could be increased.

 2. Build awareness among the community members as well as the rural health care providers

* Sensitization and engagement of RHCPs to prevent COVID-19.

* Arrangements of PPE (mask, gloves, sanitizer etc.) for RHCPs.

* Doorstep COVID19 awareness by RHCPs in Rural Bengal.

To better understand the pandemic, LFWB & Raxa have already developed the “COVID-19 CONTAINMENT PATHWAY” app to help see how the virus is spreading and who most at risk is. Just click on this link & download the app on your smartphone to screen yourself.

In detail:

 * Identifying individual at risk

 * Early Detection and monitoring of at-risk cases

* Surveillance of asymptomatic population.

* Special attention to the migrant population.

* Evaluate the risk of infection increases of that specific region.

3. Community kitchens to support starving and homeless people suffering due to the cyclone Amphun.

3 community kitchens are being set up in different rural parts (Narayanpur, G plot, Moipith & Gurguria) of South 24 parganas. Each kitchen is equipped to provide food to 1000 persons every day. 

We must act quickly and decisively in order to save lives.

Need your spontaneous cooperation.