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Hepatitis Patients' Forum

Hepatitis B & C are emerging problems in present India. Advanced technology-dense medical care is progressively going beyond the reach of average Indian. The cost of therapy and routine diagnostic intervention of Hepatitis is very high. A lot of stigmas are also associated with this disease. But Hepatitis is preventable and general awareness regarding misconceptions around it is necessary. Moreover, dealing with this disease is often stressful and may change the way a person lives and how he or she relates to others. So, beyond the routine medical checkups and medicines the patients needs to maintain his or her confidence, positive self image and emotional balance to cope with the negative feelings as well as with the long treatment procedures. These were the initial thoughts of Liver Foundation, West Bengal behind the formation of a support group with the Hepatitis patients. On July 28th 2012 Hepatitis Patients’ Forum was formed with Hepatitis patients by Liver Foundation, West Bengal. This initiative is supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, a leading philanthropic organization. A  Self Help Group is formed with the active and interested members of ‘Hepatitis Patient’ Forum. The group is trained by the experts in art and craft works. They raise funds by selling their creation (Cards, Masks, Wall hangings etc.) in different places. This fund is distributed among the members of the ‘Self Help Group’ who are in serious medical emergency and are stressed with the burden of their treatment costs.


The members of ´Hepatitis Patients´ Forum´ meet weekly at the Liver Foundation, West Bengal´s Kolkata office, with the purpose of extending mutual emotional support as well as to take part in the art and craft classes. 

In addition, the patients who are the members of the ´Hepatitis Patients´ Forum´ get Psychological Counseling by experts, if needed, for combating their emotional sufferings and dealing with the stress of the chronic illness as well as the long term treatment procedure. 

The art works created by the members of Hepatitis Patients´ Forum are sold in different conference stalls, corporate sectors and other places by LFWB, with the purpose of fund collection. This fund is gathered to help the co-members of the Hepatitis Patients´ Forum who are stressed with the load of their treatment expanses and are in medical emergency.