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  • i) In primary stage of cirrhosis there should not be any change in lifestyle.
    ii) If tiredness is felt take rest in between work.
    iii) In cirrhosis there is breakdown of protein in the body, so in the initial stage the protein intake should be high.
    iv) If there is edema or ascites no extra salt should be taken and medicine should be taken empirically.
    v) If there is temperature or abdominal pain in cirrhosis patient - consult doctor as it may be due to other bacterial infection/asctic fluid infection.

  • i) There is nothing to be anxious.
    ii) Baby will be born in a complete healthy state.
    iii) Only vaccination at birth & some medicines should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.
    iv) Abortion for being Hep-B positive is not only unnecessary but also a crime.

  • Transplantation of liver means transplant of liver tissue from a healthy donor to a recipient. It can be done to patients with end stage liver disease.

  • In transplantation approximately 25% of healthy liver tissue is necessary.

  • Liver transplantation may be required for patient suffering from acute & chronic liver failure due to Hepatitis Virus, cholestetic forms of cirrhosis (Primary Biliary Cirrhosis), alcoholic cirrhosis and rarely due to metabolic disease (i.e. α1- Anti-trypsin Deficiency & Haemochromotosis).

  • Gilbert Syndrome is congenital liver disease & is characterized by non-hemolytic hyperbilirubinaemia. In adults the prognosis is excellent, needs no treatment, but occasionally Phenoberbitone is given & is clinically important only because it may be mistaken for more serious liver diseases.

  • Carrier is the person or animal that has a specific infectious agent in the absence of a clinical disease & who serves as a potential source of infections for others in the community.

  • Australia antigen is the covering or capsule of HBV. Many a times an organism is identified on the basis of its covering thus similarly the presence of HBV in the body is often determined by its outside covering. It was first discovered in an Australian Tribal Man thus the name. Australia antigen is also called as “Hepatitis –B Surface Antigen” (HBsAg).

  • Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-Care quiet dangerous for health.

  • i) All new born babies at birth.
    ii) All children as soon as possible.
    iii) Persons involved to work related to health care & treatment of the disease.
    iv) All family members if any one of them is a patient of HBV.
    v) People with Hemophilia, Thalasemia etc for whom intake of blood is almost a regular measure.
    vi) People with renal disease, who need dialysis.